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“V.I. Lenin's Homeland” State Historical and Memorial Museum Reserve

“V.I. Lenin's Homeland” State Historical and Memorial Museum Reserve unites several museums, many of which bear no relation to Lenin. In fact, this is a complex of museums, the exposition of which gives an idea of how old Simbirsk was before and after the birth of the world-famous revolutionary. It will take more than a day to get acquainted with the “V.I. Lenin's Homeland” State Historical and Memorial Museum Reserve, since there are more than 10 museums in its structure! 

The Museum of National Education of the Simbirsk Province in the 70-80's of the XIX century is the only museum in Russia, dedicated to the history of school development in the second half of the XIX century. Its exposition is located in two old houses, the first of which concerns the history of public education in Simbirsk Province as a whole. The second house tells about one of the first primary schools of the city - the First Women's Parish School. 


The Museum “Simbirsk Classical Gymnasium” is located in the school where V.I. Lenin, the famous physicist Kurchatov and other outstanding people studied. Here you can look at the conditions under which the pupils of the gymnasium took classes, and the textbooks they used. Among the curious exhibits are the diorama of Simbirsk and the sundial of the 1840s, the only one in Russia at that time.  


The Museum “Chuvash School of Simbirsk. The Flat of I.Y. Yakovlev” is another museum dedicated to the history of education. It is located in the foundry of the teaching staff of the XIX century - Simbirsk Chuvash Teacher's School, where representatives of the peoples of the Volga region were educated. 


The structure of the Complex includes several branch museums: "The Museum of Simbirsk Photography", located in a building where there was a photo studio in the early twentieth century; "Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk Fire Safety Museum" with impressive dioramas "Fire of 1864", "The Room Before and After the Fire" and a collection of fire equipment; "Post Business of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk Museum" with the personal belongings of postal employees, photographs of offices and personal letters of citizens in the 1930s and 1940s; "Junk Shop" Museum with ancient weighing scales, calculating frame, colonial goods and all that could be bought in the usual shop of a provincial town. The Complex will also enable you to learn how the middle class of Simbirsk lived ("Museum Estate of Simbirsk Urban Life"), how the appearance of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk changed from when it was founded to the present day ("Town Planning and Architecture of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk" Museum), and how the first city planetarium looked ("Meteorological Station of Simbirsk. Planetarium" Museum). Visiting these and other museums of the Complex, not listed here, will help you to get the most complete idea of what this city of the Volga region was like in past epochs. 


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