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Resurrection Monastery – a Czarist Abode

The Resurrection Monastery is closely related to the Imperial Romanov dynasty. Here the ancestors of Mikhail Romanov, who came to the Russian throne in the XVII century, were buried in the early XVI century. The imperial family remembered this and has been donating a substantial sum of money to the monastery for many years. The main mystery of this monastery is the date of its foundation: the spread of dates is at least 200 years. But it is known that its surviving buildings date back to the 1670s.

The white-stone Resurrection Monastery seems monolithic, as almost all of its buildings are connected by galleries. Glazed green tiles with battle scenes and animals were used to decorate the facades for the first time in Uglich. The largest building of the monastery is the Resurrection Cathedral, which is connected by a gallery with the Church of Hodegetria and the refectory. Now the former cathedral, the Church of Hodegetria and the bell tower with the refectory in the territory of the monastery seem to be lined up and constitute a single majestic and elegant ensemble. The monastery has been restored and is currently functional.

The Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist is located opposite the monastery, across the Spasskaya Street. This temple was to be demolished for the construction of the Uglich HPP, but instead the design was changed and the power plant was decided to be built in another place, since the church was so important for culture. Its history is associated with a dramatic event. The temple was built in the late XVII century by local merchant Chepolosov in memory of his died young son. The walls of the church are of gold color, the facade is decorated with stucco ornament and colored tiles. Its front porch even inspired the Russian artist Nicholas Roerich to the painting «Uglich». Porch of St. John the Baptist Church". The church is very rarely open, but it is worth examining at least from the outside.

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