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The October Revolution Street is the oldest and longest in the city

The October Revolution Street is one of the oldest and longest in Kolomna. It stretches from the Moscow entrance to the city in the direction of Ryazan to the bridge over the Oka River and crosses the main square of Kolomna, including the historic quarter with 19th century mansions. The Kislovskaya almshouse of 1840 is among them. This house of the late XVIII century belonged to the Russian writer Ivan Lazhechnikov. The former Frolov Hotel of 1860 also attracts attention.
The Golutvin district is the central part of the October Revolution Street with facades of Soviet buildings in the style of constructivism. A 54-meter high bell tower of the Church of the Apostle John-Bogoslov in the area of the Square of Two Revolutions is remarkable. In addition, along the entire street there are curious sculptures, for example, a monument to the victims of Riman's punitive expedition on the Vosstaniya Square. This monument was installed in Kolomna in 1978 and is dedicated to the townspeople shot in 1905, who sympathized with the revolution.

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Ulica Oktyabrskoy revolyucii
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