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Novosibirsk Museum of Railway Equipment, or a Transport Fairy-tale

The Novosibirsk Museum of Railway Equipment was opened in 2000. The initiator of its creation was a veteran railroader Nikolay Akulinin. He organized the delivery of decommissioned steam locomotives, diesel and electric locomotives, freight and passenger stock to the "Seyatel" station. Now the museum displays more than 60 exhibits.

It is interesting to look at the grain, oil, alcohol and livestock cars in N. A. Akulinin Museum of Railway Equipment in Novosibirsk. The museum also displays one of the wagons of the early XX century with several compartments for 8 people and with an oak pantry, which was intended for the General Kolchak. You can also see a medical car, a car for prisoners and a German narrow-gauge steam locomotive of the late XIX century. In recent years, the collection of wagons was replenished by that of cars and buses of the Soviet times.

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