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Church of Prince Demitry the Martyr – Tribute to the Memory

The Church of Prince Demitry the Martyr appeared not far from the place where inhabitants of Uglich had bid farewell to Tsarevich Dmitry who died at the age of 8 in 1606. Perhaps this place at the approaches to Uglich would not have been chosen for the construction of the temple, if a mystical event had not happened there. The coffin with the body of the prince, who died in Uglich, was initially carried to Moscow along the Moscow road, but the procession stopped at the town’s exit as no one could move the coffin. So it was decided to carry it along the Rostov road. When coming out of the town from the other side, a few drops of blood spilled from the coffin. They were collected together with soil and put in a silver reliquary as a shrine, and a chapel was soon erected at this place. Then it was replaced by a wooden church, and in 1729 — by a stone one. The present Church of Prince Demitry the Martyr appeared at the end of the 18th century a bit aside on this temple.
The one-story Church of Prince Demitry the Martyr with five domes, Tuscan columns and a carved iconostasis in the form of a triumphal arch was the only temple in Uglich that was not closed in Soviet times. Local believers consider this a sky-sign, as this church bears the name of the heavenly patron of Uglich. In the late 1980s, the temple was given the relics of the Holy Right-Believing Prince Roman of Uglich as token gift. The particle of relics of the Tsarevich himself and the icon to which he prayed are also stored here.
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