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Church of Nikola Posadsky – the oldest church in Kolomna

Church of Nikola Posadsky of the XVIII century is one of the oldest and most beautiful churches in Kolomna. The snow-white temple is adorned with 105 kokoshniks, five small domes and a rich furnishing by a brick carving.

The Old Believer Church of Nikola Posadsky appeared in the city in 1577-78 and was wooden. A stone church was built in 1719. The church was erected in honor of St. Nicholas the Wet, which is often depicted on icons with an infant rescued from the Dnieper River. One needs to go inside in order to see how the light penetrates only through one dome, since the other four are blank. Unfortunately, the icons and paintings on the walls were irretrievably lost in the Soviet era. In the early 1990s the church was handed over to the Russian Orthodox Old Believer Church.

ul Posadskaya 18
140415, Kolomna
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