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St. John the Baptist Church in Gorodishche and mythical serpent

St. John the Baptist Church in Gorodishche is one of the oldest temples in the Moscow region. It was built in the XIV century and belongs to the number of three churches in Russia that have survived since the pre-Mongol era. The temple is located in the ancient village of Gorodishche on the banks of the Kolomenka River. Only the lower part of the church survived from the original building, made of coarsely peeled white stone blocks.
In 1780 the St. John the Baptist Church was supplemented with a bell tower and a refectory. After a large-scale restoration in the 60-ies of the XX century, the church returned its appearance, as it looked like in the XIV century. Once in this church, it is important to find and consider one amazing detail: a white stone tile on which the silhouette of a basilisk is depicted - a mythical snake. From the north side of the temple this image rests on a solution of the XIV century and resembles the style of Vladimir architects of the 12th century!
Gorodishhenskaya ul 102 A
140412, Kolomna
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