Beaver Aquarium in Voronezh Nature Reserve

In order to get to the Beaver Aquarium, you need to go to the Voronezh State Biosphere Nature Reserve, located 50 kilometers to the north-east of Voronezh. At entrance there is a Nature Museum, where you can get to know animals and rare plants of the region. Here you can learn everything about the life of beavers, get acquainted with them and pat them.

When scientists discovered beavers in the Voronezh region in 1919, these species were considered in Russia exterminated because of the commercial fur. In 1932, it was decided to open a beaver nursery near Voronezh. Now the colony of these amazing animals is kept in small water enclosures. Here you can ask the nursery employee to get the beaver out to touch it. A separate building houses a "Bobronarium", a giant two-level squat aquarium with a transparent wall, through which one can observe how the family of Nyusha and Chunya beavers live and what they do. It is clearly visible how they build a house, how they climb into it, how they swim and communicate with each other. Another building encloses a modern museum with an interactive exposition devoted to interesting facts about beavers.

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Centralnaya usadba
396100, Tolshevskiy Voronezhskaya obl
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Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00