Frauenkirche as a Symbol of the Bavarian capital

Not far from the Marienplatz is the cathedral, consecrated in 1494 in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The brick building is in the style of late Gothic architecture. The towers of the temple can be seen from afar. Even with the naked eye one can notice the slight difference in their heights: the north tower is 98.57 meters high and the southern is 98.45 meters high. This is the highest religious building in Munich. In 2004 a referendum was held in which citizens voted against the construction of buildings higher than their beloved symbol of the city. You can climb to the south tower to get a bird's eye-view of the city. The Alps are visible in good weather.

The representatives of the Wittelsbach dynasty (the rulers of Bavaria until the end of the First World War) are buried in the crypt. But tourists, first of all, are interested in the Devil’s Footprint. According to legend, he promised not to interfere with the construction, but instead demanded that the church should have no windows. At a certain angle, they're really not visible just from the place where the imprint of someone's shoes is imprinted on a marble slab... Organ recitals are regularly held in the church.

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