BMW Museum: the Story of the Famous Company Group

The whole history of the company group is presented in the museum, located next to the BMW headquarters. The technical development of the company can be traced from the past through the present to the future. Once inside, the visitor ascends on a spiral upward. It contains engines and turbines, aircraft, motorcycles, and, of course, vehicles in a plethora of possible variations in 25 halls on four platforms.

There is a small movie theater and several interactive exhibits on the top floor. The Austrian architect Karl Schwanzer designed the complex. The four-cylinder administrative building and the “Museum Bowl” which carries the BMW logo on the roof, have a particularly impressive look from the height of the Olympic Tower.

Am Olympiapark 2
80809, Munich
GPS coordinates
48.1767322194247, 11.5590870380402
+49 89 / 125016001
Opening Hours
Now - open
Tue 03:00-11:00
Wed-Sun 04:00-12:00