Romantic Blutenburg Castle

The Bavarian hunting lodge of the Dukes is located in the western district of Obermenzig in Munich, between the two arms of River Wurm. The fortress was built in the first half of the XV century for Duke Albrecht III of Bavaria. The ardent young man fell in love with a local beauty - the daughter of a barber, Agnes Bernauer, and secretly married her. Of course, such a misalliance could not catch the fancy of the blue blood families. Under a specious excuse, Albrecht was sent to stay in a remote estate and the girl was accused of witchcraft and thrown into the waters of River Wurm.

At the beginning of XVII century the castle was abandoned. Thirty Years' War aggravated the situation. Henriette Adelaide of Savoy Electress of Bavaria undertook the task to bring the fortress into order. After her death her slick lawyer put hands on the property. He introduced Baroque elements- fashionable at that time-to the construction and thanks to the invitation of the Italian architect ennobled the castle so that Bavarian rulers again laid eyes on it. He had to return the Wittelsbach their own property.

Another love drama is linked with Blutenburg. In 1848, adventuress Lola Montez took shelter in it. After her scandalous affair with Ludwig I, she was forced to flee from Munich and the king was forced to abdicate. Now Blutenburg Castle houses an International Youth Library. Lovers from around the world come for a stroll through the castle and to feel the romantic aura of this place. Those wishing can even get married in the local chapel. Here you can also have beer in a restaurant, make beautiful photos for memory, enjoy silence and feel the peacefulness of this place. A costume show (Agnes Bernauer Festspiele), recreating the details of ancient times, is held in the castle once in four years in memory of the sad love story.


81245, Munich
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48.1630011546794, 11.45712018013
+49 89 / 8912110
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