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Lüdinghausen: City of Three Castles on Water

Münsterland region is known worldwide for the most beautiful knight's castles on water. And one of the most interesting of them is in Lüdinghausen. It is Vischering  Castle near the city center. The medieval wonder seems to be emerging directly out of water. Tourists bring with them from a trip interesting photos and memorable impressions of unique medieval atmosphere, open air concerts and picnics on the lawn directly in front of the castle. 

Lüdinghausen is located between Münster and Dortmund, on Dortmund-Ems Canal. The channel connects the major industrial center of Ruhr to Emden sea port. In about 800, a small settlement was established on the site. It received a city status in 1309. About at the same time, the Lüdinghausen family started to rule there, who gave the city their names. They governed virtually all during the subsequent 500 years and obeyed only the prince-bishop of Münster. Lüdinghausen officially became part of the episcopacy of Münster in 1443. Later, the town became part of Prussia, and then of the German Empire. In the second half of the XX century until the 1990s, it was part of the Federal Republic of Germany and, finally, of the unified Germany. Today, Lüdinghausen is one of the gems of Münsterland region. 


Lüdinghausen is first of all famous for three castles- Vischering Castle, Lüdinghausen and Kakesbeck. All of them were built by the Lüdinghausen family. Vischering Castle is an example of a medieval moated fortress. It seems to be rising directly out of water. The combination of red peaked roofs, green and blue sky reflected in water surface makes an unforgettable impression. It is an original construction - the center of cultural activities. It hosts concerts, exhibitions of contemporary artists and theatrical performances. A children's museum is always open there with a lot of valuable items and telling about knights. The other castle, Lüdinghausen, is a Renaissance residence of the Ludinghausen family, more like a palace than a castle. By the way, it is also excellently fortified. But the beautiful courtyard and towers’ decorations soften the menacing look. The castle is located in the heart of the city, and it often hosts festivals, concerts and other events, bringing together the city’s residents and visitors. The third castle, Kakesbek, is located a little farther, but it is also worth a visit. All of the three castles are surrounded by water, so that they look very romantic. Be sure to take your camera and a picnic set to feast on the lawn overlooking the medieval castle.


When it comes to gastronomic pleasures, North Rhine – Westphalia, where Lüdinghausen is located, is considered one of the top “beer regions”. For example, beer is produced in millions of liters in the nearby Dortmund! You can’t go wrong with wheat or light lager here. After all, the quality of the beer has been controlled here since the Middle Ages. It is worth considering that the city, located at a distance from the sea and in a heavily industrialized region, paid great attention to the abundant food. It always included soup and hearty meat dishes with vegetables. So the potato soup for the first course, marinated beef called Sauerbraten with potato dumplings (Klöße) or red cabbage for the second, and satiety are guaranteed at least until late in the evening. To this we must add the open-faced pie for dessert called Butterkuchen. It is the most popular of the German cakes in Bremen and Westphalia. They also make Streuselkuchen -a delicious cake with vanilla cream or fruit.

The cultural program in the city is diverse and rich. Spring in Lüdinghausen (Lüdinghauser Frühling) held in April is marked with open-air concerts, culinary delights and beer. Another spring festival is held late in April and in early May. The Day of the Castles on water is celebrated in Lüdinghausen with a disco party called Tanz in den Mai. In May, Internationales Grasbahnrennen international motorcycle racing is held, accompanied by concerts and other festive events. The Day of City Museums is held in the castles again in May. They are decorated, and everyone can come and see the sights for free. In June Stadtjägerschützenfest Festival brings rangers and hunters together. Even if you do not like hunting, you will have fun. You can look at people dressed in costumes and listen to hunting songs, as well as to drink fresh beer.


In Lüdinghausen time flies quickly. Despite the fact that the city is small, there are a lot of interesting places. The beautiful Town Hall Square and the wonderful half-timbered houses can be inspected for hours. And if you want to leave the city, the bicycles for rent and bicycle paths are at your disposal. This is a convenient way to explore the picturesque region of Münsterland, famous for its castles on water. But if you are short of time, you can limit yourself with a stroll through the city, as there are such castles in it, too! 

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