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Freiburg – the Most Southern Point of Germany

Freiburg is the most southern point of Germany and the country’s most festive city. Abundance of students provides fun all the year round, and the sun rewards the locals with warmth, that is untypical for Germany. Having been in Freiburg, you can estimate the Green City ecological urban concept, enjoy the Franconian wine with the local Tuniberg asparagus, as well as ride to the "Europa-Park", the second largest theme park in Europe.

Freiburg, which is often called Freiburg in Breisgau, appeared on the map in 1120. The founder of the city was the Duke Berthold III of Zähringen. However, the city residents remember and honor more another Berthold, namely, the Franciscan monk Berthold Schwarz, the inventor of the European gunpowder. Schwartz was an alchemist. Historians believe that he invented the gunpowder accidentally during his experiments. Although it is not certain, whether it happened just in Freiburg, however the city residents have erected a monument for him.

The university has always played an important role in the city life. This higher educational establishment was founded in 1457 by Albrecht of Austria. Since then and to this day Freiburg is considered a student city. When the University was just established, a famous medieval philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam worked within its walls. Later he moved to Basel, where he died. By the way, Freiburg is at a distance of 60 kilometers from Swiss Basel. So it is very easy to take a trip there, as well as to the French Mulhouse. However, the main point of attraction for those visiting Freiburg is, of course, the famous "Europa-Park". It is the largest in Germany and the second largest amusement park in Europe. It is a whole city of attractions which are interesting for people of all ages. You can get to "Europa-Park" from Freiburg by a shuttle bus. The trip lasts 40 minutes.

Local Franconian, mostly white wines are popular in Freiburg. In summer, the city hosts a festival dedicated to wine. The favorite local beer of citizens is Freiburger, which is brewed by Gunter brewing company. It has existed in the city since 1865 and was originally housed in a Renaissance building, which earlier belonged to Erasmus of Rotterdam. But later, the factory moved to the city outskirts. Freiburg also has its signature dish. From the late April the local restaurants serve Tuniberg asparagus (Tuniberger Spargel) within two months. It is also called a "royal vegetable". Asparagus is included in a variety of dishes, and the local cooks know many recipes to concoct it.

The most southern city in Germany is famous for its climate and ecology. The days are mostly sunny during the year. This is one of the reasons that the people of Freiburg like to ride bicycles and try not to use automobiles. The Schwarzwald/Black Forest, which surrounds the city, saturates the air with oxygen. City authorities have long had adopted the concept of a "Green City», and follow it consistently.

Narrow gutters running parallel to the main city streets are an integral part of the city center. Here they are called bächle. The heart of Freiburg is the Münsterplatz square. It is named in honor of the cathedral, which the city people call Münster. A small market works in the square during the day, and in the evening you can see street musicians and mimes. The cathedral impresses with a giant bell tower. You also need to see the historic Merchants’ Hall (Freiburg has long been a rich merchant city), Haus zum Schönen Eck (it houses a museum of local lore) and the unusual building called Kornhaus, which houses the municipal theater. 

Warmed by the sunlight and located near the French and Swiss borders, cheerful Freiburg is a venue for many events and festivals. In particular, a city carnival takes place here in a Cheesfare week, and Christmas, in addition to traditional events, is accompanied also by the International Circus Festival.

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